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Geoffrey D. Bennett (
Sun, 5 May 1996 23:58:14 +0930 (CST)

> While we're at this, I've recently had a problem with a machine that
> would not boot without a keyboard. All the others [in the same server
> cabinet] do fine. Closer inspection showed that the boot hangs in LILO
> just after the "LILO" message. As soon as a keyboard get plugged in,
> the boot process continues.
> Older BIOSs let you configure the keyboard out so that it skips at
> least the keyboard test and the infamous "press F1 to continue" step.
> This particular machine was a "modern" one where just that option was
> missing, and the BIOS itself seems to ignore the missing keyboard. But
> judging from the above, perhaps _that_ problem is in LILO (and could
> be fixed...)

Hi Olaf,

I've had the same problem here. It was quite a while ago that I
looked into this, but I'm pretty sure that LILO did load and start
vmlinuz. I think it stops somewhere in setup.S from memory, but in
the end I just gave up and plugged in an old keyboard that nobody


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