strace problem in 1.3.97 (apparent data loss/corruption)

Robert L Krawitz (
Thu, 2 May 1996 15:20:20 -0400

I was scanning a backup tape with afio -r -z -Z to try to reproduce an
oops I've had with the fat filesystem. Out of laziness, I strace'd
some of the afio and gzip processes resulting from this. I got a lot
of miscompares (on files I knew hadn't changed) when I had an strace
running. The miscompares always happened at the end of the file (not
in the middle). It didn't matter whether I straced the parent afio,
the child worker afio's, or the gzip processes; I got a lot of
miscompares whenever this was going on.

The strace on my system is an old Slackware one that's about 15 months
old (probably from the May '95 Infomagic 4-disc set).

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