TRS80 mutating into Triton II under Linux questions

Drew Eckhardt (
Thu, 02 May 1996 00:16:29 -0600

In message <>, mickh writes:
>On Wed, 1 May 1996, James L. McGill wrote:
>> On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Mick J Hellstrom wrote:
>> mickh} > You're kidding, right?
>> mickh}
>> mickh} Actually, I've heard that someone is working on a TRS-80 port to x86,
> now
>> mickh} that could be particularly interesting...
>> Oonlly if ttheyy emmullaatte the kkeyyboaard bbounnce.
>> ( apologies to those who never had a trs80 model I )
>;-) That brings back memories. I'd forgotten about that. Although it
>didn't seem to affect me much, you got used to pressing backspace every
>so often.


My first computer was a TRS-80 Mopel I, with Level II BASIC, 16K of RAM
onboard; the 64 column X 16 line monochrome screen, an expansion chasis
with an additional 32K and the optional RS232 board, and a pair of single
sided, single density (80K without TRSDOS, 50 or 60 something K free with)
floppy drives.

I was psyched when I got my IBM PC-XT with 640K, my first hard drive,
the upgrade to a 386-33 with 4M, an upgrade to 8M which made X useable,
the 486-66 32M upgrade, and am looking forward to a dual pentium
Triton-II board once they're stable.

Speaking of which: What hardware bugs exist in the Triton II boards, and
has any one run them successfully under Linux (see, this post IS on
charter. sortof) with demanding hardware/software (NCR SCSI controllers
come to mind)? Assuming those answers will lead to the conclusion "I don't
need to wait for the next masking," who makes them besides Tyan and
SuperMicro, what do they cost, what _sort_ of Pentiums (Pentia?)
do they require, and how compatable will they be with 70ns memories?

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