Re: Console DEL Key Bug in 1.3.*

Steven L Baur (
30 Apr 1996 20:05:16 -0700

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Riepe <> writes:

Michael> From: Steven L Baur <>

Michael> Hi *! Did anybody realize that the Linux console now prints
Michael> the DEL (127) character? Since the console is supposed to be
Michael> vt100 compatible, this shouldn't be the case (unless control
Michael> character printing is turned on).

sb> I noticed this too. Do an ``stty -a'' to see why. There is no longer
sb> a default erase character on the consoles ...

Michael> Huh? Stty -a says "erase ^?" as usual. This isn't really
Michael> relevant, of course - it only affects keyboard input (in
Michael> ICANON mode), *not* screen output.

I stand corrected. It *was* undefined as of a fairly recent previous
version (.95 or .96 I think, they go by so fast ...). It appears
fixed now. I notice that the stty rows and columns are filled in
correctly now too, even on telnet.

I guess I don't understand your problem, it seems to work properly for
me now. Perhaps this has something to do with the new termcap.


-- baur
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