Re: X-Windows

Alexis Rosoff (
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 09:27:39 -0400

Markus Gutschke said:

|> >
|> > Nope -- it's compiled right in (no point in me loading it as a
|> > module when I always need it). And I don't use gpm (I think that's
|> > the name of it -- the programme to let you use a mouse in the
|> > consoles) 'cos I know PS/2 mice don't like it.
|> Why is that? I have been using "gpm" with PS/2 mice and did not
|> encounter any problems. BTW, have you looked into "kmouse". This
|> kernel level module assembles multiple mouse events into a single
|> event and cause X's mouse movements to be a lot less sluggish under
|> high load.

The gpm thing was just something I was warned about in Slackware setup, I
think. It said that there were conflicts with XFree86, gpm and the PS/2
mice. Rather than deal with potential hassle, I decided to just not
install it. I do most work in X anyway, so it wasn't a spectacular loss
or anything.


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