Re: PATCH: mount-2.5g (was Re: striped swapping?)
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 03:43:23 +0200

Andreas Koppenhoefer:

: As someone else already answered, you need a newer mount-package.
: Some days ago I've got mount-2.5g.tar.gz (possibly from
: Unfortunately it's not ready for
: using priority option on mount commands.

Right - mainly, I think because it includes <unistd.h>.

: After applying the following patch to mount-2.5g it should work.

Yes. I already did some other things, maybe better, maybe not,
and got one correction to the latest version available.
In order that you can see the current source, I just put
mount-2.5j.tar.gz at the abovementioned place. I added your
change to swapon.8 and maybe one or two other things.

As far as mount is concerned, the only change I recall is
improved error messages in case the attempted mount returns
ENOTBLK. (Maybe `insmod' will produce the required block device.)

Comments welcome as usual.

Andries -