Re: Database of kernel bugs
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 15:45:48 +0200

Chris Ricker:

: Derek Jones of Knowledge Software has kindly run the linux-1.3.91 source
: tree through ospc, a product his company makes that checks code for
: conformance to various standards. The output, describing where the kernel
: deviates from the ansi C standard, is available on

: Some of the errors flagged are a little dubious (for example, reserved
: kernel syscalls *should* be allowed in kernel source; remember that this
: is a generic tool, and not specifically designed for validating kernel
: source ;-), but most are fairly unimportant things that need to get fixed
: sometime (misspellings, missing commas, etc.).

No, 99.9% is junk - not things that should be fixed in the kernel,
but things that should be suppressed in the output.

Polishing the kernel source in such a way that it survives stricter testing
than gcc does would be useful indeed. But ospc cannot be used for that
purpose, since it is not available, and so far only has produced garbage.
I have played a little bit with lclint yesterday, it is at least available,
but it is not up to the task either - it gets easily confused by gcc-isms.