Mon, 29 Apr 1996 11:34:01 +0200 (MET DST)

Hello Linuxers,
I've just released the new kmouse to tsx-11 and the italian
sites (hmmm, will lag till the afternoon)

It is meant to work with 1.3.96, but everything from 91 onwards should
work correctly.

After more than two months from my last release, I plan now to actively
support the package -- but this release doesn't work with busmice :-(

This is part of the README:


This release of kmouse doean't supports busmice.

They will be supported by kmouse-0.31, available in a pair of days,
by means of modified modules distributed within kmouse, meant to be used
in place of the official kernel drivers.

There is a tiny patch to apply to the kernel, because I need to retrieve
information about the console status.

kmouse-0.30.tar.gz is available from the following places (currently in incoming...) -- sloooow link to the world -- should be faster

This package relies on gpm-1.08, just released to sunsite. A patch
gpm-1.06-08.patch is in this distribution, so you can upgrade the
daemon by yourself (but the ps docs aren't patched, to avoid wasting

The module, compiled without debugging, keeps three pages. I'll look to
shrink it back to two pages (kmouse-0.20 was two pages, so....)

/alessandro -- Mon, Apr 29th 1996

What's missing

- Official device number registration
- Official ioctl number registration
- Avoiding a user program to keep the mouse open
- A new smarter protocol for mice

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