Re: dropping kerneld...

Myles Uyema (
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 18:27:31 -1000 (HST)

> Yup, I'm missing a lot of pain and useless complications by not
> using kerneld and modules. Quite useless contraptions both.
> Production server which is fixed in configuration and stuffed into a
> closet, works best with monolithic kernel.
> Any lurking need to use kerneld is easily cured by getting enough
> memory.
Unfortunately 'getting enough memory' costs money, which I don't
have a lot of. I have to vouch for the versatility of kerneld and
modules. It doesn't cost me money to add modules, and alternately
using PLIP and Printer support over the Parallel port is extremely
useful. If I wanted both PLIP and Printer support in my kernel, I'd
need two parallel ports.
Another good thing about modules is that CCP Compressors [bsd_comp]
are only built as modules. I often use SLiRP because it supports BSD
Compression through PPP. There is no option for bsdcompression built
into the kernel.
Kerneld has become quite a seamless part of my linux system and I
am quite happy with it.

Myles Uyema