Re: KernelDB

David A Willmore (
Fri, 26 Apr 1996 18:36:05 -0500

On Apr 24, 1:18pm, Jonathan Layes wrote:
> Subject: Re: KernelDB
> when i first read this, my first reaction was "no way in hell." however,
> as long as there is no likely chance of running such a script accidently,
> it seems like a good idea. while i'd be happy to send along config files
> from home, i doubt my employer would be impressed if the whole world
> knew the configuration of our various machines. i'm sure the same could
> be said with most people using linux in a commercial setting. my
> employer is very good in letting me contribute some of work hours to
> kernel development, etc, and i'd hate to ruin that.
> ie. please don't make it a 'default option' in the Makefile to email
> config files :) jonathan

This would clearly be a broken assumption. Not every system is setup for
email. My system, in particular, has no support for incoming or outgoing email.
I have ripped all references to it and it's support programs out of my
system--I don't use distributions. An attempt to send mail on my system would
end with abysmal failure. I would hate to have to patch every kernel to remove
this functionality or to provide a fake email transport binary to make it
happy. I'd be glad to contribute my configuration, but I'd prefer to do it

Keep up the good work. The kernel db is a worthy project.