Re: Solved: 1.3.94: open () still slower than 1.2.13

Paul Schmidt (
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 08:31:59 -0500 (EST)

Linus' observation on April 26, 1996:
:This is a real problem for development, actually - most of the people
:who test out the development kernels have reasonably high-end hardware,
:if only because on low-end hardware it can take longer to compile a
:kernel than it takes for me to release a new one ;-). Anyway, that kind
:of leads to the kernels getting much more testing on high-end machines. I
:hope we're still usable on a 4MB machine ;-/

Well, there are a few of us who do it on little machines... At work
(where I am right now...) I have a 486DX2/66, a 486DX4/100, and there
are a couple of dozen other boxes running Linux ranging from 386/33's
to Pentiums (Pop a 20" monitor on a PC, install Linux, and you have
a very flexible X workstation). All but one are running 1.2.13.
(One is running a fairly late 1.3.8x kernel)

Unfortunately at home, I have a (don't laugh) 386/25 without 387,
and 8 MB of RAM. It's been running 1.3.95 for several days now, and
will be running 1.3.96 tomorrow (I'll download it when I get home
and compile it tonight). Of course, by the time I get a kernel up
and running, any bugs I see have already been reported by someone who
got it running several hours earlier ;-)

Since last November when I put a big enough hard drive on it (850MB)
to be useful, I've probably done 30-40 kernel compiles on it,
which are overnight jobs (takes 6-8 hours). I can't tell you if
the newer kernels still run in 4MB, but they do still run in 8MB.

Just thought you'd like to know.

-- ps

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