Re: Hang in fs/locks.c: posix_locks_deadlock() & posix_lock_file()

Jay Bazuzi (
26 Apr 1996 13:38:47 GMT

: Problem: hung system (the only way out is hardware reset)
: Kernels: Starting in 1.3.84, still in 1.3.95
: (1.3.70, 1.3.80 & 1.3.83 do not exhibit the same problem)

Showed up in 1.3.95 for me, but has also happened in 1.3.94.

: Reproducable: Yes
: Environment: a) or,

: Symtoms: System runs fine for a number of minutes, until system usage
: goes up, and at some point it suddenly freezes:
: e) Mouse doesn't respond
: f) keyboard only responds to NUM LOCK and the special SCROLL
: LOCK features
: g) TCP sessions made to bound addresses while system in this state
: will be connected but no further activity
: h) Sendmail processes pile up before the hang

Same here.

RALT-SCROLL-LOCK shows kernel in posix_lock_file for me, to (servicing

Log files show nothing.

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