Re: .94 Floppies and Ethernet

Mark Eichin (
25 Apr 1996 00:55:14 -0400

>> vorlon kernel: eth0: Bus master arbitration failure, status 88f2.

Interesting -- I am getting this *exact* error (a few hundred times a
day) on a 1.3.79 kernel. It was suggested (on one of the debian
lists) that the problem was the video card I'm using (Diamond
Stealth2000 DRAM, I think) which is said to "not play well with
others". I'm also using an Adaptec pci scsi card and a AT-something
PCI ethercard (when I'm back at the office, I'll check the manuals and
tell you more precisely.)

The motherboard is a very recent generic pentium motherboard, with a
P166 and 64M of RAM. Kernel identifies a Triton chipset, AHA-2940, and
an unknown Lance PCI network device.

If anyone's got tests they can recommend, or more info on the problem
(we'll probably get a couple more systems like this but would prefer
to eliminate the problem first, and the best suggestion we have so far
is to randomly use some other video card...) I'd appreciate it.

_Mark_ <>
Cygnus Support, Eastern USA