Re: BusLogic-1.2.2 / Linux 1.2.13 compile error
Wed, 24 Apr 96 21:27 CDT

>>>>> "lnz" == "Leonard N Zubkoff" <> writes:

lnz> Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 23:14 CDT
lnz> From:

lnz> I am trying to move to the BusLogic-1.2.2 driver from 1.2.1. But the
lnz> compile fails. Does anyone have any ideas? The only thing different
lnz> here is the BusLogic driver, I'm using all the same patches that I was
lnz> using with the 1.2.1 version.

lnz> The BusLogic.patch file was created against the standard Linux 1.2.13 kernel as
lnz> officially released. I suggest you start with an unmodified 1.2.13 source
lnz> tree, and then apply BusLogic.patch and any other patches incrementally so you
lnz> can find and resolve the specific conflict.

I've tried MANY kernel builds with different patch configurations. The
BusLogic 1.2.2 driver and the linux-elf patch seem to be mutually-exclusive.

I extracted the linux-1.2.13 source, applied the BusLogic 1.2.2 driver
patch and the linux-elf patch. A build resulted in the final vmlinux
ld failing with numerous undefined references in the disable_irq
function of kernel.o. Does anyone know how to get an elf 1.2.13 with
the new driver?


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