Re: Unices are created equal, but ...

Thomas David Rivers (ponds!
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 07:34:06 -0400

> > If somebody wants to do benchmarking,I'd suggest using at least
> > - lmbench (nice microbenchmark)
> > - bonnie (reasonable disk performance benchmark)
> > - webstone (or something similar. But use "apache" as the server, not
> > some braindead horror like NCSA).
> > - ???
> >
> > (the three mentioned should cover different areas, all very reasonable,
> > but have I missed some important area?)
> Ziff-Davis "netbench" for DOS, Windows, Windows95, and Macintosh
> clients against SAMBA and/or NFS and/or Appletalk servers.
> Ziff-Davis "Winbench" in an emulation environment. Note that
> "Winbench95" does not use Windows95 WIN32 interfaces -- it's
> still mostly a 16 bit code benchmark, for what that's worth.
> I'd like to see Ziff-Davis port to UNIX, but I think it's unlikely.
> Terry Lambert

Well - the leader of the Ziff-Davis Winbench project just
happens to be a personal friend of mine! I'm usually either at
his house on the weekends, or he's over here...

He finds a *lot* of weirdness lying around in some of these
graphics cards... it can get kinda ridiculous. He's always
got _the latest_ of everything to benchmark.

I will pass along any suggestions you'd like to make. Although,
they are really a Windows/DOS-centric operation (less DOS now, even.)

Also, I could easily pass along any 'netbench' suggestions, but
I don't know if they'll make it all the way.

However, I think the answer will be that Xstone is the comparable
benchmark for us to use...

- Dave R. -