1.2.13 and patches

Doug Ledford (dledford@dialnet.net)
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 21:04:12 -0500 (CDT)

Several places out there are maintaining 1.2.13 kernels for those of us
who need stable kernels until the 2.0 release comes out. However, they
are sometimes hard to find (it took me about 3 weeks to find all of the
stuff I wanted. Major hassle when I've got TCP connections screwing up on a
produciton machine because of little bugs, etc.) and a person has to have
enough knowledge of the kernel to know which patches to apply and which
ones to leave out. This isn't always the case with people that need a
stable kernel. For myself anyway, things would have been much smoother
if I could have grabbed a kernel off of sunsite or tsx-11 to fix most of
these problems. Sorry, but I wasn't around when all of these patches
came floating through the news groups and mailing list. Many linux users
weren't, aren't now, yet will still be requesting a stable kernel until
the new version comes out.

For this reason, I went ahead and made a patch against a pristine 1.2.13
source tree to bring up what more or less equates to the unofficial
1.2.14 kernel. The patch will produce a pristine tree as well (no, when
I made the patch I used a source tree which had not been touched by the
likes of "make config"). I have tested the new kernel to the extent of a
make config, make dep, make zlilo, make modules, make modules_install. I
only did this with my setup however, so I can't gaurantee every driver
:) I can say that I have all of the built in drivers and modules
compiling cleanly (at least as clean as they normally are :)

The list of bug fixes, updates, etc, is as follows:

3c509 driver update, v1.07 io.h-patch (for ELF and gcc 2.7.2)
ldt.c-patch (security) skbuff-patch
bios32-patch kmalloc-patch
slhc-patch buffer-patch (Fixes typos in comments :)
n_tty-patch tcp-patch
exit-patch pci.h-patch
time.c-patch icmp.c-patch
printk.c-patch udp.c-patch
ide-3.16c-patch setup.S-patch
reset-on-panic-patch 3c59x-0.08 driver patch
AIC7xxx-Feb10 driver BusLogic-1.2.1 driver
NCR-rel11-patch arcnet-2.22 driver
newer kswap patch limits-patch
module.h-patch (from ppp2.2.0e) netalias-patch
ppp-2.2.0e patches quota+acct patches
tulip.c v0.10 tuning-patch (Pentium opts., fast memcpy())
IP Tunneling driver linuxelf-patch

I think that's it for the patches :) There were a few minor cleanups of
my own, but this is pretty much it. At this point, I have a tar.gz of
the 1.2.14-unofficial source tree and a patch against clean 1.2.13
sources for this. I also have a file of all the patches I used to make
this. And finally, I have precompiled binaries of the programs I know of
that break with this. Namely, pppd-2.2.0e (plus one mod of my own geared
towards ISP use) and all of the quota+acct utils. The quota utils work,
the acct utils sorta work :) If you accounting file gets real large, the
accounting utils seg fault. I haven't had a chance to look at this
problem yet (it's low on my priority list :)

Anybody who wants these can ftp to ftp.dialnet.net:/pub/linux/kernel and
grab the relevant files. Maybe all of those users out there running
1.2.13 could convince Linus to take a look at the patch file (it's 400+KB
compressed, Ouch!) and maybe even make it official :)

Of course, since this an unofficial patch, as always, if there is a
problem, don't bother Linus with it. You can send e-mail to me and I'll
see what I can do to fix any problems with what I've done anyway.

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