Re: "IP Masquerading for applications"
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 15:40:21 -0700 (PDT)

Graham Mitchell writes:
> I tried that initially when I found a problem, before posting to the
> kernel list. However the mail just sat in the queue till it bounced.
> So sometimes the email addresses in the credits or the source files
> are wrong - which is why the list is so useful.

This seems to be part of the problem for the original poster. In email
he told me he felt frustrated because he felt mail to the developers
wasn't getting much response to what he considered a serious problem,
and with the way some people are trumpetting about linux's masquerading
I could see serious problems if people try to actually use it and it's
as bad as he says.

So what mechanism is there if you find problems with a part of the
kernel and the author of that part doesn't seem to want to listen? I
know from what Linus posts that he often is overflowed with mail, so
writing him is a hit or miss affair. I remember that the original quota
patches were pretty well killed when someone posted a 4 page analysis of
all the flaws to the development newsgroup.

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