Linux-1.3.85 - ppp slowdowns gone (?)

Linus Torvalds (
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 19:17:22 +0300 (EET DST)

Ok, the ppp slowdowns seem to have been finally resolved. It seems the
window open optimization was a no-no, and removing that makes Solaris
happy again.

Linux-1.3.85 also does
- digiboard patches
- mandatory file locking
- tulip.c update
- minor inconsequential 4MB page table fix. (it doesn't fix the problem
on at least one pentium where the 4MB page table mode results in
eventual kernel panics)
- floppy driver update
- ide-cd update
- apm-bios update
- file read-ahead code update
- ibm tr card should work as a module once more
- plip driver bugfix
- strip driver bugfix
- ppa SCSI driver update
- SCSI tape updates
- fdomain SCSI driver update
- unmounting slow scsi disks (MO/ppa) sometimes stuck. Fixed
- nfsroot update
- IP firewall update
- make xconfig updates..

(that looks like a long list, but most of the above are pretty small
things, actually).

Now, go test it out to see if I broke something else while the above got