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> Having played a bit with a diskless setup (using an eprom and the NFSroot
> option) I have discovered that the main obstacle to a really useful diskless
> CPU server is the inability to swap over nfs. Is anybody working on this? How
> hard would it be?
> The only other obstacles I can see to creating a setup where multiple sytems
> share the same root filesystem is a modified version of mount that doesn't use
> /etc/mtab but uses /proc/mounts, and could understand some fancy substitutions
> in the fstab, eg
> server:/usr/export/var.@HOSTNAME@ /var nfs defaults 0 0
> server:/usr/export/swapfiles/swap.@HOSTNAME@ none swap defaults 0 0
> would mount the appropriate things off the server without having a different
> fstab for different clients. This however I can do myself. (I don't believe it
> is possible to share /var, though I may be wrong. /var/log/wtmp at least must
> persist over reboots (so it can't be on a memfs, unlike stuff in /var/run and
> /var/lock) and must be unique to each machine).

mayhaps it would be more usefull to hack the nfs server to remap
paths, based on the client adress. actually, that sounds kina neat...

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