[Q] kernel panics on anything past 1.3.48

larryf (larryf@halcyon.com)
8 Apr 1996 01:16:09 GMT

I get the following kernel panic on a slack 3.0 setup when trying to
use a make zdisk boot image floppy:

ll_rw_block: Cant rw block, only 4096 chars implimented (1024)

then it panics with an inode and a block. I run e2fsck on the root
partition and it doesnt find anything wrong. This occurs with EVERY
kernel after 1.3.48, which i am currently running. I have tried 1.3.50,
1.3.55, 1.3.61, 1.3.68, 1.3.71, 1.3.74, i havent tried the 8* series
because i dont want to waste the download/compile time if it is just
going to panic.

Please email me with suggestions/help, i read the group but its hard to
find a response in the swamp of messages. thx

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