Re: "IP Masquerading for applications"

John Henders (
7 Apr 1996 17:49:37 -0700

In <> (Darren Reed) writes:

>The problem with it at present is it leads people to believe that it will
>always if it happens to work occasionally.

Only those who pay no attention to the myrid notes posted everywhere
that tell them that .13.* kernels are _beta_. This means, if you find
smething broken, please submit a bug report, not post snarky "it doesn't
work" messages to the developer list. They are not helpful and just piss
people off. Many things break in the various versions of 1.3. If you
can't deal with it, use 1.2.13. If masquerading is broken on your
machine, it would probably be appreciated if you mailed the author of
that code some pointers on your configuration so he could try to fix it.
See the CREDITS file for hints on who that might be.

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