Floppy driver problems??

Matei Conovici ~cls XII~ (cmatei@lbi.sfos.ro)
Sun, 7 Apr 1996 23:05:07 +0300 (EET DST)

Did the floppy driver code change with 1.3.8X? I get some strange
behaviour with my floppy (I am running 1.3.84), like this:

- when the disk is write-protected, I do:

gek:~# fdformat /dev/fd1H1440
Double-sided, 80 tracks, 18 sec/track. Total capacity 1440 kB.
Formatting ...
ioctl(FDFMTBEG): Read-only file system

ok, so it's write protected.. (yes, fd1 is 3.5') but then, after

gek:~# fdformat /dev/fd1
ioctl(FDGETPRM): No such device

doing this repeatedly gets the same result (the disk I was using was already
formatted (1 min before) so I don't think it's a problem of detecting floppy
type). fdformat /dev/fd1H1440 will, however works as expected. After a succesfull
fdformat /dev/fd1H1440, fdformat /dev/fd1 will work.

- hitting ^C while fdformat will get me a page of numbers :) with the
floppy driver state and on the final lines I get a floppy timeout and
unexpected interrupt. (I can send a full report if interested)

- I cannot strace fdformat ... I also get the forementioned page with
numbers :) and fdformat also says: ioctl(FDFMTTRK): Interrupted system call

Did anyone notice these or I'm inventing things ?