Re: 1.3.77 SOcket Destroy Delayed (Details INcluded!)

Thomas Quinot (
6 Apr 1996 22:35:59 GMT

Alan Cox ( =E9crit :

> > Socket destroy delayed (r=3D0 w=3D804) or
> If they annoy you comment the printk out: its a debugging item. Socke=
t destroy delayed is fine
> so long as you dont get one repeating every 10 seconds that wont shut=
up for hours - that
> means we broke a buffer count, or forgot to free something.

Er... What if I get one every 10 secs that won't shut up for hours ? :-=

I apparently have a reproducible trigger :
- add a deny or reject (either work) output firewall as follows :

typ prot source destination ports
den tcp anywhere any -> ftp

(melbourne is another machine on my Ethernet.)

- then launch 'ftp melbourne' (this is NCFTP 2.3.0).
It tries to connect (note : it does not get an ICMP host unreachable
even if the firewall policy is 'reject'. Is this normal ?)

- ^C to interrupt. Whizzz, here we go,=20
Socket destroy delayed (r=3D0 w=3D236)... It has been there for more=
than 4
hours already, rather precisely every 10 seconds when the system is =
somewhat less frequently when it's busy.

Kernel 1.3.84.