More on dialup IP slowdowns...

Edward S. Marshall (
Sun, 7 Apr 1996 00:12:13 -0500 (EST)

Just to throw another twist into the mystery around the 1.3.[78]*
SLIP/PPP slowdowns, I experienced the same problem with a 1.2.13 kernel
today, with both the ppp-2.2.0e and ppp-2.2.0f (beta 5) software
installed. This kernel was compiled on a system with:

Kernel: 1.3.75
Libc: 5.2.18
GCC: 2.7.2 (-fno-strength-reduce is in specs :-)

(This kernel also has a number of patches from, including the main
1.2.13 bugfix patch, quotas, kswap, pcsnd, ramdisk-disable, 486/586
tuning patch, SAK, and of course the elf patch (yes, I fixed pcsnd for

The machine it runs on boots from floppy (don't ask) if that has anything
at all to do with it (don't think it could, but anyway).

Does this help? :-) *duck*

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