kerneld and IP masquerading

Tom Lees (
6 Apr 1996 10:16:35 +0100


I have an idea of how to implement IP masquerading application modules as
loadable by kerneld. If we have the kernel to send a message to load a
module "ip-masq-%d", %d being the port number for the masqerade application
wanted. Then, some code needs to be added to the 'modprobe' command so that
it accepts the following syntax in /etc/conf.modules:-

alias ip-masq-21 ip_masq_ftp
alias ip-masq-* off

, or modify kerneld/modprobe so that it reads a config file to find the
IP masquerade aliases thatm do exist, and effectively implements the
above syntax, even if you only specify

alias ip-masq-21 ip_masq_ftp

Anyone else have any comments/suggestions about this?

Tom Lees <>

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