US ISDN for Linux??

Christopher J. Shaulis (
Sun, 7 Apr 1996 01:19:26 -0500 (EST)


I'm a USA person putting together a new Linux box. I would REALLY like
to add in an ISDN interface, but ISDN routers are ~$1200 +/-
$200.. and ISDN products using standard 16550A (without 1mhz clock)
aren't worth their cost for what they are. What I could really use is
a middle of the road product.

Are there any ISDN interfaces for Linux that aren't based on 16550A
(without 1mhz clock) and offer STAC compression and such? Anyone got
drivers for 3com Combinet internel? Or the low-end cisco cards?
Finding things with drivers is the hard part.

Just curious,