Re: AutoIRQ

Philip Blundell (
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 18:17:47 +0100 (BST)

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Matthias Urlichs wrote:

> Hmm -- the serial driver should be properly modularized while we're at it.
> A patch will follow shortly.


> > Unfortunately probe_irq doesn't have any support for the "waittime"
> > feature that auto_irq provides, and so a few drivers that depended on that
> It might be a good idea to add that parameter to probe_irq_off().

Yes. I will see about doing that. I think, though, that in a lot of
cases there are better ways to wait for the IRQ than by using a timer
(eg, busy-waiting on a status bit). It would be good to use these

Philwherever possible.

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