Re: Problems raising fd limits in 1.3.78-1.3.80

Mike Shaver (
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 15:31:09 -0500 (EST)

Thus spake Roman Gollent:
> This brings up another point. How much of a rewrite is required to be
> able to dynamically reconfigure certain kernel variables without
> recompilation?

Depends on the variable. Some things, like maximum length of a
physical address in the net layer, require a recompile because they
affect the size of structures.

If it's run-time tweakable, it may very well exist/belong in
/proc/sys/*. I'm working on reflecting most of the networking
parameters in there, and Stephen seems to be doing a great job with
the kernel and vm stuff.

> I'm thinking of an /etc/sysconfigtab (Digital Unix) equivalent where
> one can edit the parameters, reboot the system and have them take
> effect.

I would think that that'd require some reordering of the mount
vs. initialization prodecures, unless you used something analogous to
rdev to set the values in the kernel according to the values in
/etc/sysconfigtab or what have you.


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