FVWM95-2 Windows95 look & feel

Gunawan Raharjo (ksmms@server.indo.net.id)
Fri, 05 Apr 1996 01:40:12 +0700

Hello All
This is only information

H.Peraza and David Barth made a quick hack around fvwm2.
This way, they hope to free the fvwm TODO list from the MS-windowish
Here is the annoucement :

FVWM95 : a window manager based on fvwm, and revamped to look like the

What is FVWM-95 ?

Fvwm95 is a hack based on fvwm2.x. It tries to emulate the good features
of a well known product without bloating the regular fvwm code.

The main aspects are :

A familiar look and feel. It can be interesting for users moving
from the MS-World to Unix, or for those who have to switch
regularly between the two. Or for those that simply would like to
have the same MS look and feel in Unix, or for those that just want
to have another window manager, or... But before all, it's meant to
be usefull, simple and efficient;

Same flexible and easy configuration as the native fvwm;

Functionality extensible via loadable modules;

A taskbar: find quickly an application window and don't take space
with icon windows;

In the future, we plan to have a desktop/folder metaphor supported by
the window manager, as well as improve the current version.

PLEASE NOTE that fvwm-2.x is work in progress, so is fvwm95 too...

Where to get it ?
You can ftp the latest version from: ftp://mitac11.uia.ac.be/pub .
The new version is named: fvwm95-2.0.41b.tgz

See also : http://ltiwww.epfl.ch/~barth/fvwm95.html

Acknowledgements :

Many thanks to all the Fvwm team, and to Mr. Rob Nation who started to
code a nice wm.

If you had problem when compiling try this step
You first have to 'xmkmf -a' from the top directory of fvwm95-2

Then you should do a 'make' to compile the wm and the modules (it will
also compile the library your 'make install' lacked )

Then, you can 'make install', but I'd rather tell you to install
by hand, so that you know what you're doing

copy fvwm/fvwm95-2 in a common path (/usr/local/bin; or ~/bin)
copy the modules you'd like to test also in a common path (someone
prefer a /usr/lib/fvwm/ path). Anyway, customize your ~/.fvwm2rc95
so that the ModulePath line points to the path where you installed
the modules

Don't forget to have a '.fvwm2rc95' file in your $HOME dir.

H.Peraza <peraza@mitac11.uia.ac.be>
D.Barth <barth@di.epfl.ch> (http://ltiwww.epfl.ch/~barth)