Re: Slow PPP/SLIP bug: Found change that caused problem

Christoph Lameter (
3 Apr 1996 20:33:36 -0800

Dave Barr ( wrote:
: In article <4jrdm9$>,
: Christoph Lameter <> wrote:
: >telnet connections using TCP/IP are slow, but if I use
: >ssh (secure telnet) all is fine.

: Strange -- I notice poor performance with ssh too. I'll ssh to
: a SunOS 4.x box and it'll be fine, but if I ssh to a Solaris 2.x box
: it will be slow.

Same thing here now. I did not notice at first since typing is easier with
ssh. But the throughput when displaying large texts is the same.
ssh must do something to optimize the characters typed or so.