Warner Losh (
Tue, 02 Apr 1996 21:38:32 -0700

: (And as a side note, SparcLinux very soon will be the first *real*
: parallel OS for Sparc based parallel computers... nyah nyah nyah!)

Nope. Solbourne has been there and done that years ago. OS/MP is
still the best, most stable, least flakey OS you can run on MP Sparc
hardware. Too bad Solbourne went belly up :-(. A heck of a lot more
stable than Solaris 2.x x <= 4 (and maybe 5). Could handle multiple
make -c 12 on the kernel on a 8 CPU machine and still have enough
bandwidth left for user processes. And it only took about 6months of
dedicated effort to get the MP locking issues shaken out...

BTW, is there Solbourne support in the SparcLinus stuff? I doubt it,
but thought I'd ask.