Re: CONFIG_PNP: Please change the name

Tom Lees (
3 Apr 1996 22:00:55 +0100

Kenneth Albanowski ( wrote:
: On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, tpeters wrote:


: > And why is it that jumperless hardware like the Gravis Ultrasound series
: > soundcards, NE2000+ and compatible network cards, and VESA/PCI graphics
: > cards can only be config'd under DOS? (don't answer - rhetorical)

: Worth answering, though: because it's cheap and easy to write a DOS
: utility to program the things, and because nobody who wants to port the
: utility to Linux has the time and/or information to do so.

Ahhh, but there _IS_ one.
Latest version is 1.3.

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