Re: IP MASQUERADING broken again from v1.3.81 onwards

Tom Lees (
5 Apr 1996 20:36:59 +0100

Madhusudana Rao R ( wrote:
: But all the kernel versions 1.3.8[1-4] seem to have broken the
: masquerading code. I can open certain connections like telnet, http etc,
: but while ftp the data connections do not seem to be getting established.
: I can watch the connections with

: I am trying to figure out what is going wrong. If any one out there can
: find further clues ...

You have to modprobe 'ip_masq_ftp' for ftp connections, and 'ip_masq_irc' for
irc connections to work. It appears that some major restructuring of the
masquerading code has gone on (it's now in 4 source files of it's own, not in

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