FTP transfer speeds and 1.3.84

Kayvan Sylvan (kayvan@sylvan.com)
Fri, 5 Apr 96 12:59 PST

With 1.3.84, using a 28.8 KB modem, my serial ports are off of a
Cyclades cyclom-8 multi-port card. I have a 24 hour PPP connection to
my ISP.

I just got transfer speeds of 1.78KB/second off the net. I got
transfers of 2.3KB/sec receiving from my ISP, and 2.9KB/sec uploading
to my ISP.

I use PPP-2.2.0e.

It seems a bit slow, but not inordinately so. I'm wondering what I can
do to make it faster. Should I be using bsd_cmp.o? (I am currently)


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