PCMCIA Token Ring -- Getting there...

Christopher A. Smith (casmith@clark.net)
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 13:46:50 -0500 (EST)

> Well in fact it was not intentional. The Tr code was rewritten to work on
> linux Alpha. We made a patch against 1.3.70. This patch was included in
> 1.3.78. PCMCIA stuff vanished when our patch was applied on the source
> tree. Here is a patch I made against 1.3.80 (it should work with 1.3.8x).
> As I don't have access to PCMCIA I can't test it. All I can tell is that
> it compiles fine. Also it doesn't break ISA card code. Can you test it
> and tell me if it works ? Thanks

I installed the patch against a 1.3.80 kernel, and the modules seemed to
finally load. The PCMCIA stuff recognized the token ring card, loaded the
proper modules, and seemed to be reasonably happy with everything.
However, the ibmtr_cs module from the PCMCIA stuff complained that the
RequestIO was being used by someone else and then bit-bucketed the token
ring stuff. Based on what I saw on the source code, it looks like it's
complaining that something is using the two address ranges which token
ring can use -- 0xa20-0xa23 and 0xa24-0xa27.

To anyone: How would I look to see what might be living in this address
space, to try to get rid of the conflict, if at all possible? I hunted
through /proc, to see if anything leaped out at me, but nothing came
close, really. I'm trying to get an IBM PCMCIA Token Ring card to work
with an IBM Thinkpad for a co-worker, using kernel 1.3.80 (I'm upgrading
as we speak to 1.3.84) and the latest PCMCIA card services stuff, 2.8.10.


Christopher A. Smith
Arlington VA * casmith@clark.net