Fix for COMPAQ-PCI on board NCR53C810

Sada Narayanappa (
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 09:23:30 -0700


I have a compaq Prosignia - 300 Fast SCSI-II on board ncr53C810 , onboard ethernet AM79C794, SCSI CD ROM. 32M.

This is almost my 5th week trying to complete installation. Without goin in to details, I have a simple question.

I could not install Linux for 5 weeks. I could not even boot with the boot disk. I get Kernel Panic error. I will send a seperate email to explain this. I get suggestions to recompile the kernel. Is this possible. Should I not install kernel succesfully before I can recompile.

Info magic suggests - Capture the Error message and go to '/usr/XXX/' and check it out.
How can I do this I have not installed Linux, How can i go to /usr/.../....

Please help, I am all confused. I have installed linux on my Laptop which has IDE interface.