Re: IP MASQUERADING broken again from v1.3.81 onwards

Madhusudana Rao R (
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 21:26:29 +0500 (IST)

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Jos Vos wrote:

jos -> The protocol-dependent masquerading code, supporting ftp and irc,
jos -> respectively, is now compiled as two separate modules. You have
jos -> to load the ftp module to use the ftp-specific code. I didn't try
jos -> it (yet), but that's what I read in the accompanying documentation
jos -> (being the Makefile and the C sources :-)).

But I am compiling the masquerading into the kernel, not as a loadable
module. I think the ftp specific masquerading code is also compiled into
the kernel. I am able to start off an ftp session from the network behind
the firewall. But at the time of establishing the data connection, the
session hangs, I can not see the port 20 on my firewall system, which I
normally used to see with the earlier kernels (1.3.80). I do see the port
mapping with the port 21. Do I still need to load the ip_masq_ftp module
after compiling the masquerading code into the kernel ?