Matthew S. Crocker (
5 Apr 1996 07:59:41 GMT

: > Yes via the dummy devices
: >
: Thanks for the Reply, but i did something differnt and read the
: Documentation that came with the Kernel Source, it did it with

: IP_ALIASING, works great...

: Michael

This leads to the question. Which method has less overhead (ie
greater speed). I currently have 128 dummy interfaces hard coded into
the kernel (modules take more RAM). I am using about 80 of them for
WWW servers on one machine. It works GREAT :). If IP_ALIASING can
shave a few ns/ms off the connection I would do it.

BTW, I'm running Apache and I configure all interfaces on bootup. I
have a 7 bit subnet routed to the machine. The machine is on net for its real interface and all the dummies are on Things seem to work very well. The machine is a
bit overloaded but I have anotherone I'm bring online this week.

Currently using linux-1.2.13 + the unoff .14 patch kit.


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