Re: loop with msdos
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 14:07:06 +0200

Mark W. Eichin:

::: Does loop work with msdos file systems?

: It never has before,

Yes, it works.

::: ll_rw_block: device 07:00: only 1024-char blocks implemented (512)

: Apparently the loop-mounted filesystem has to have the same blocksize
: as the underlying filesystem. I tried tweaking the code 6 months ago
: but never got anywhere with it (ended up using mtools instead :-)

Yes, the present loop wants the same blocksize as the underlying
file system. For Ted that was reasonable - he mainly thought of
loop as a way to encrypt things (I think). But as it turns out loop
is immensely useful to turn a file into a disk or filesystem,
and for that use it is unnatural to require the block sizes to be
the same. So, sooner or later that restriction will have to be
removed. Fortunately, the msdos file system accepts the option
"blocksize=1024", so you can also work with msdos file systems today.