Re: Pipes Feedback (a bit offtopic)

Andreas Kostyrka (
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 10:06:02 +0200 (MET DST)

> i agree, this is a minor issue. But try asking the linux community to
> "change ext2fs to 8+3 naming conventions, it's a well accepted industry
> standard in a mainstream OS" ... :))

Yep, and do away with this silly permissions, I have here some Windoof
users who strongly dislike that even when they sit on the console they may
not access/change every file. It's rather silly because if you have access
to the console then you have practically already root access (booting a
own boot/root disc.) So this permission stuff is absolutely crap isn't it?

Decision about the Linux kernel should follow these guidelines:
(pri 1) technically superior
(pri 2) compatible
(pri 0) the decisions of Linus & Co -> Linux is kind of a dictatorship. It
is not a enforced dictatorship, as most components are under GNU
license, but for the time I accept fully Linus, HJLu's, ... (and
all the other gurus) decisions. They are producing a high quality
FREE system, probably in their spare time.

P.S.: I've found a nice way to kill the console. Don't try this, if you
don't have a networked second machine for a remote login.
<open a xterm>
su -
ps ax | grep X
strace -p <X-Server-Pid>
<Press C-s>

The only way I've found to unblock the XServer and to get a XDM prompt was
a kill -9 <X-server-pid> from a second machine. (Actually a discless
NFS-root box :) ) The problem with this, is that I lost the text consoles,
as the new X-Server stored the old graphmode as the ``text-mode'' config

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