Re: ... and on the third day he rebooted into Linux-1.3.84 ...

Mr A.M. Kruczkowski (
Fri, 5 Apr 96 1:32:34 bst

Hey Linus,

Have you ever considered doing stand-up comedy? The odd thing is, I look
forward to your postings now, because it is sometimes the best laugh of
the day. Fear, a software developer with a sense of humour :-)

How many other Unix developers can claim that?!

> PS. You people sure know how to use "finger". Today (Apr 4), I have so far been
> fingered 1576 times. No kidding.
> PPS. There are only three different figures. After you've seen them all, you
> can stop ;-)
*grin* Guilty.. I had to try about twenty times just to check :-)

Is the weasel drawn by your own hand?