Re: Dual Monitor

Zachary R Amsden (
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 16:05:45 -0500 (EST)

Hi, I am the author of Multimon and yes, I am still working on the project.
Right now it only works on kernels below 1.3.75, but that will soon change.
It offers dual monitor support, but unfortunately, you can't run X on two
monitors at once because the video memory would be mapped to the same
addresses. This is a hardware problem. I am currently looking at ColorGFX
multiple monitor VGA cards, and hope to have a driver that works with them.
Unfortunately, X is still a major problem because X handles everything, and
the kernel doesn't get involved here. To get multiple monitor support for
X, the X-servers will need to be rewritten. If linux-ggi gets off the
ground, then this is a feasible possibility. Until then, two X monitors is
just a dream.
I am having major trouble finding technical references for PCI SVGA cards,
and would like any pointers to information like this, because then you could
use multiple VGA monitors, not just a VGA and a mono.

Oh, one other thing - someone posted about allowing sizes other than 80x25
for the VGA consoles. Multimon can handle any size VGA console, and all
monitors can have a different size screen. Be careful of resizecons and
friends though - I think I will need to patch these.

Nultimon is available from my machine, on anonymous ftp

Zachary R. Amsden