1.3.83 (maybe earlier) and PPP.

Greg Patterson (root@gomer.mlink.net)
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 10:44:35 -0500 (EST)

Why is pppd 2.2.0e and Linux sending to remove so strange? I haven't
noticed any problems with receiving. I did the following using ncftp
logged into my shell account at my provider over a 14.4kbps USR
v.Everything. Hardware handshaking is properly configured in
/etc/ppp/defaults and with the modem (and cable).

> put soma-0.3.tar.gz

Sending file: soma-0.3.tar.gz
100% 0 ==============================================> 69450 bytes.
ETA: 0:00
soma-0.3.tar.gz: 69450 bytes sent in 20.42 seconds, 3.32 kB/s.
Error: Host is not responding to commands, hanging up.

> dir

Error: Not connected.

I repeated the same transfer twice and both times it resulted in the
above. 3.32kB/s over a 14.4 connection? I don't think so. pppd seemed
to buffer what ncftp sent it and let ncftp think it completed the
transfer. After ncftp thought the transfer was complete, the modem
continued to send the data. Meanwhile ncftp is waiting on some command
it must send after the transfer but it is timing out because pppd is
sending the buffered (?) data.