Re: Problem with ksmbfs

Bjorn Ekwall (
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 07:02:26 +0200 (MET DST)

Brian R. Doherty <> wrote:
> When I attempt to mount a SMB filesystem with smbmount without first
> modprobing the smbfs module, I get:
> Cannot open /lib/modules/1.3.82/smbfs.o
> Error: Unable to start smbfs, exiting...
> I am running kerneld and have kerneld support built into the kernel.
> smbfs.o is in /lib/modules/1.3.82/fs, and it modprobes fine. Why can't
> kerneld / smbmount find the module?

The error message comes from smbmount, not kerneld.

Actually, smbmount is trying to outsmart kerneld by attempting to insmod
the smbfs module all by itself. Unfortunately it looks in the wrong
directory: "/lib/modules/1.3.82" instead of "/lib/modules/1.3.82/fs".

I suggest that you either fix smbmount so that it looks in the _right_
directory, or just remove the insmod call from smbmount completely...


Bjorn <>