Re: Eject button, etc

Gonzalo Tornaria (
Wed, 3 Apr 96 13:55:50 GMT

> No, no, no!!! What has the keybaord driver to do with CD-ROMs?
> Nothing! If you want to do that, then start a program on a virtual
> console, waiting for a key. Then your program can do ejects, mounts,
> whatever you like.

What about having special keymaps to send messages to kerneld?
Something general.. Then, you can configure your keymap to use (or
not) this feature, and you can configure kerneld to do <whatever> at
those messages. For example, you could have a shortcut for ejecting
cdrom, but you can use it for anything you want... The keyboard
driver has to know nothing about cdrom, it only sends a message to
kerneld <keyboard_request>, only kerneld knows if the request is
for eject cd, play cd, or anything.

I'll take a look at this..