Re: memory corruption under heavy load?

Jochen Karrer (
Wed, 3 Apr 1996 17:47:56 +0200 (MET DST)


> Trying to stress-test some new hardware, I did "make -j" on the kernel
> sources. It runs for a while, starts swapping a lot, load average goes
> up to 30 or so, then cc1 gets fatal signal 11. There is still plenty
> of free swap space at this point (20MB total, about 10MB free).

> The symptom is usually signal 11, but sometimes also syntax errors in
> perfectly good include files. It looks like memory corruption caused
> by some changes between 1.3.58 and 1.3.74. I suspect the new swapping
> or page cache code.

Everithing works fine with 1.2.13, but
i can reproduce this error with Kernel 1.3.57.
I never got a segfault in gcc, but I sometimes get corrupted headerfiles.
I think something with the pagecache is wrong. After
I got an error because off a bad include file, I inspected it with
vi, and it was really destroyed. Then I started about 30 xmosaic at the
same time, and then killed them. This seemed to clear the pagecache, because
memory was low. The include file was no longer corrupted afterwards.