Re: Starting kernel threads (or something like that)

Bernd Eckenfels (
2 Apr 1996 09:39:11 GMT

tpeters <> wrote:
> First question: When the kernel loads, what is the _FIRST_ operation it
> does after initializing itself? (I'm looking at replacing _EVERYTHING_
> below the kernel and want an idea of where I start)

The Kernel is generating a process with the PID1 owned by root, assiciated
with /dev/tty1 and starting init (look in linux/init/main.c/init(). If you
use initrd, the Kernel will execute /linuxrc.

The best way to make a xterminal out of a linux box is to start the X-Server
from the inittab, the second best is to replace /sbin/init with a
program/script that handles all sysinitialisation and then executes the

> And a second question: How difficult is it to start a daemon that hooks into
> a kernelspace driver and handles, say, consoles?

Its very easy to do that in Userspace, there is no need to reinvent the
wheel. If you dont run a getty, there will be no consoles the user can
switch to. You can then genrate manually.


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