Re: Linux-1.3.81& sysvinit

Karl Keyte (
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 09:27:25 --100

> Okay. I think it would be reasonable for Linux to change the behaviour.
> Applications _will_ break but people will expect them to break as they
> upgrade to the 1.4 or 2.0 kernel.
> However the old behaviour should be selectable; I'm not only thinking of
> sysvinit that needs it but what about the Sparc port? Sparc Linux is
> capable of running SunOS binaries, but it needs the Sun select() behaviour
> ofcourse. Presumably the BSD compatibility library (libbsd.a) also needs it.
> Unlike the timeval structure, there is no way to emulate the old behaviour.
> Overall it seems important to me that the old behaviour is either
> restored or made available in another way. In the mean time, I'll
> shut up and fix sysvinit ;)

I fixed sysvinit-2.59 to work with 1.3.81 and dumped the changes in
sunsite's incoming. It's running fine for me and allows runlevel

Check out: sysvinit-2.59-3.diff/tar.gz/lsm in sunsite's Incoming dir.

Sorry if I've offended with the naming of the package, but I noticed
the Debian patch 2 so felt I should increment it to avoid confusion.