Jonathan A. Davis (
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 23:17:24 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, David S. Miller wrote:

> (yeah, it runs shell and basic programs, I can telnet out etc.
> but it hard-locks now and then, working on it...)
> Any questions? And remember kids, Linux is just a "toy operating
> system."
> PROMLIB: Sun Boot Prom Version 3 Revision 2
> TYPE: Sun4m SparcStation10
> Ethernet address: 8:0:20:12:53:32
> Found 4 CPU prom device tree node(s).


Finally! A *real* SMP OS for Sparc CPUS. :-)

Actually, I do have a Sparc platform question. We have Linux running on a
lot of machines ranging from i3/4/5/686 CPUS to ALPHAS. The question: Is
RedHat/whoever looking at creating a distribution for Sparc platform? If
so, is there a "target date"? I'm enclosing that in quotes as I've
watched a lot of *my* target dates get filled full of holes :-) so I'm not
expecting a definitive answer, just a "by the feel of it" estimate if
anyone has one.

At that point, I will be looking at putting it to real use on several
Sparcs that are currently (not)running Solaris 2.x. The one's we have
SunOS licensed for, I can argue into doing what I need done. But
<OPINION> Solaris 2.x has been nothing but a royal pain in the neck for
us. </OPINION>


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