Re: Linux 1.3.81 and Parallel Port Zip Drive

Kevin M Bealer (
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 23:54:33 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Grant R. Guenther wrote:

> >
> > > SCSI timeout errors occur when I load in module ppa under kernel 1.3.81.
> >
> > A big "Me, too!" on this one. I'm running 1.3.81 and just got
> > my parallel ZIP drive and thought I was going mad. I guess I'll back up a
> > version or two to see if it works that way. But, of course, I prefer being
> > on the "bleeding edge"! So, I hope someone has an answer to this! :-)
> People have been reporting this to me since 1.3.79, but I've not been
> able to reproduce the effect. Let's try to get some more specifics.
> - Does this happen when ppa is resident in the kernel, or only when it
> is a module ?
> - Does adjusting the timing parameters (including ppa_call_sched) make
> any difference ? Try going both ways - at least one person has reported
> that things started working at *faster* settings. If so, this suggests
> to me that some timeout higher in the SCSI code has been shortened.
> - If you are using ppa with 1.3.79+ please send me a summary of
> your kernel and system configurations and tell me whether the driver
> is failing for you or not.
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> Grant R. Guenther
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Is there any plan to write a ppa driver for the 'ditto' tape drive? I have
never written a driver for anything and won't have much time real soon, but
I have this thing sitting here... If this is essentially a scsi adapter, is
it possible that ppa would need minor adjustments to make it deal with a
different scsi device? (and where would I look to learn more about writing
devices under linux (and/or scsi interfaces)? )

I have looked in drv_hello.c in the modules sources, and the ppa.c source.
If it should really be rewritten entirely for a tape drive, I don't think
there is any chance of me getting anywhere.

I don't have DOSemu but I can get it; under Dos 7.0 (win95's) the regular
dos mode driver for the ditto crashed on my system the last I tried it.
(Win 95 will run the windows version.)

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